• CSDシリーズ
    CSDシリーズ :  Lenticular Filters (CSD) use composite material high purity Lignocellulose and Inorganic filter aid agent. Its inner crisscrossing three-dimensional structure let it be a depth filter and provide excellent filtration efficiency, high dirty holding capacity and longer life time. Filter paper productions use supermatic production lines. All raw material will be tested by strict quality control process to ensure filter quality and good performance in application.  
  • WDC シリーズ
    WDC シリーズ :  Precision String Wound Filter Cartridge (WDC) Has various media available to suit different applications. Removal rating avaliable from 0.5 to 100 microns. The cartridge length is from 4" to 40".  
  • PPKPシリーズ
    PPKPシリーズ :  
  • RPETシリーズ
    RPETシリーズ :  
  • EPシリーズ
    EPシリーズ :  
  • RMF-PFシリーズ
    RMF-PFシリーズ :  
  • GUFシリーズ
    GUFシリーズ :  High Service Time Guard Filter Cartridge (GUF) is made of polypropylene non-woven. It provides excellent life time which is 3 times than general Melt-blown filters. It is an exceptional value for general applications where long life, high dirt-holding and low change-out frequency are required. Suitable .for water treatment industry