• WFSシリーズ
    WFSシリーズ :  Sterilization Wine Filtration System (WFS) Pasteurization method cannot be used in wine filtration process, but membrane filtration can fit brewster requirement to control microorganism.Cobetter APS filter cartridge series can 100% removal particles(miscellaneous,infusorial earth pectinase and so on. ) and micro organism (yeast,mould) from wine production process. It can keep fragrance taste of draft wines and ensure wine biological stability and non-bio stability and increases the wine s ...
  • BFSシリーズ
    BFSシリーズ :  Draft Beer Cold Filtration Auto-Contrl System (BFS) can do inline sterilization test. Flexibility and compact design in every process is easy to operated and ensure sterile in production. Auto-control system can avoid of failures that accidentally caused by workers.    
  • PFSシリーズ
    PFSシリーズ :  Ink/Paint/Complete Sets of Inkjet Filtration System (PFS) adopt globle advanced technology and domestic advanced Basket Mill technology. The system ensure consecutive production from ingredients  and dispersed grinding to filter finished products and package. Therefore, use this system can reduce labour intensity and improve products quality.