• SGDシリーズ
    SGDシリーズ :  High dirty Holding Capability Guard Filter Cartridges-SGD Cobetter Pleated Single Cage Guard Filter Cartridges (SGD) are specially designed as guard filter for Pre-RO system. Filter medium is superfine nano fibers which fiber diameter is 1/3 of normal fibers. So SGD filter cartridges offer excellent efficiency, high flow rate and high dirty holding. The single cage constriction provides high surface area, stable length control and no leakage risk. SGD filter cartridge can protect expensi ...
  • 64-70
    64-70 :   Power Plant Condensate Water Filter Cartridges 64-70 Cobetter power plant condensate water filter cartridges(64-70) are specially designed for power plant condensate water filtration. These filters have high dirty holding capability and longer life time. 64-70-PP can be back flushed. The option lengths: 60inch, 70inch,80inch. For power plant condensate water filtration